This video for a brilliantly designed transgender toy hit me right in the feels.

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This video for a brilliantly designed transgender toy hit me right in the feels.,25 Jun 2017 in Uncategorised

An ad for a new toy sure knows how to tug at those heartstrings. It’s not usually a great sign

A viral photo of a calm dad and a screaming toddler holds an important parenting lesson.,25 Jun 2017 in Uncategorised

Young kids don’t always pick the best times to have emotional meltdowns.Just ask any parent. Grocery stores, malls, and restaurants

Watch an eye-opening video that spells out why Hollywood needs trans actors.,25 Jun 2017 in Uncategorised

Hollywood has a problem on its hands.In the video above, produced by ScreenCrush in partnership with GLAAD, several transgender actors

After the Philando Castile verdict, his classmates raised thousands in scholarship money.,24 Jun 2017 in Uncategorised

High school classmates of Philando Castile were gutted last week when the police officer who killed him on the side

A YouTube star shares her thoughts on following your passion.,24 Jun 2017 in Uncategorised

When Hannah Hart posted her first video on YouTube in 2011, she had no idea what it would turn into.“[It]

See the heart-bursting moment a man ‘proposed’ to his girlfriend’s 5-year-old daughter.,24 Jun 2017 in Uncategorised

Dating as a single parent isn’t easy. Just ask Cassandra Reschar.“I have full custody of my daughter and very little

They tested a seat so people with disabilities could ride a camel. Here’s how it went.,23 Jun 2017 in Uncategorised

On edge of the Sahara Dunes, a few miles outside of the Moroccan town of Merzouga, a camel named Omalise

Girl Scouts will now earn badges in cybersecurity and it’s totally awesome.,23 Jun 2017 in Uncategorised

What’s next for the Girl Scouts? Oh, you know, defeating hackers. No biggie. Five fearless girls in New York City

This Target ad totally nails what it means to be an athlete. And yeah, it’s a big deal.,23 Jun 2017 in Uncategorised

An athlete is anyone who moves their body for the fun and thrill of moving it, regardless of size or

This man’s moving story shows why caring for others must start with self-care.,22 Jun 2017 in Uncategorised

“Caregiving is nothing but confusion when you first start out.”70-year-old Frank Blood, who has been caregiving for his wife, Mary