We flip flop each time


Posted on: 9th January 2018

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On Twitter, Touré says: "I don’t understand why Trump’s failure means we should ban wealthy celebrities from the Presidency."

To which I said: "Banning is the wrong word. We flip-flop each time. The next one will be boring so we can all get some rest."

I've noticed something -- each time we switch presidents we choose someone very different from the one before.

In my lifetime here are the switches I've witnessed.

  • Nixon to Carter to Reagan to Bush I to Clinton to Bush II to Obama to Trump.

And how I'd characterize the change.

  • Evil to saint to actor to bureaucrat to scholar to beer drinker to professor to idiot.

Yes I know I left out Ford, but we didn't choose him, Nixon did.

According to this theory the Dems should nominate a former librarian to oppose Trump in 2020, if he makes it that far.

Also, if we're going to have another celebrity president, have them run for governor first, and serve, and let's find out if they can do the job. Let them find out too.

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